By playing on the EXPLODINGFreedom server, you agree to all the rules below. A full, comprehensive list of the server rules can be found here: EXPLODINGFreedom Server Law & Policies

Section 1: Offenses that will usually result in a Permanent Ban due to one or more of the following:

a. Crashing or intentionally harming the server (hack clients can fall under this if you spam FastBow.)
b. Making large edits that can potentially cause massive lag.
c. Repeated offenses, constant trolling and breaking rules.
d. Griefing excessively to the point it is every day for a week that you get banned by one or more of our administrators
e. Repeated trolling
f. Spam advertising (Meaning, spamming more than 5 advertisements a second.)
g. Imposing another administrator. (At least one administrator needs to be imposed in order for the PermBan to be valid)
h. SpamBotting the server. (A SpamBot is a bot that excessively spams the server in order to crash the server. One type of SpamBot is the DeathBot. When this happens, do /toggle lockdown to stop them from joining.)
i. Crash Exploits. (Books, flowers, chests, etc.)
j. Excessively saying comments that are offensive to any players. (Review Section 2)
k. Requesting Donations for this server or spamming for Donations. AgentNetwork does not accept any form of donations.
l. Administrators that engage in any sort of rogue activities or behaviours.
m. World Edits greater than 100000 blocks without obtaining notice / permission or spamming small world edits that clearly have no building purpose or are purely for trolling. If the server crashes as a result, the offense would normally fall under Section 1 (permanent ban).
n. Threats of DDoS, DoS, DoX, being breached, etc. This is a very serious offense, and anyone caught threatening anyone- Agents or Civilians- they will immediately have an IP scan run on them and permbanned. If a threat to crash the server is also said, (Server DoS), the same will also be applied to those troublemakers as a result of their actions.

Section 2: Offences that will usually result in a ban for the day due to one or more of the following:

a. Advertising (Advertising is bad for the community. All other foreign server IPs and websites must be censored with asterisks (*) or underscore symbols (_). Methods of advertising include saying IP via /msg, /me, plain text chat, posting IPs in discord or forums shoutbox, profile etc. No matter what the method is, sanctions will be placed if you are caught advertising.
b. Griefing another player’s build. (More than 5 blocks noticeably destroyed.)
c. Intentionally aggravating players and staff.
d. Being tempbanned for five minutes for some sort of broken rule over 3 times.
e. Death Potions (potions with a potency of over 129)
f. Imposing an Administrator or player.
g. Excessively spamming commands (More than 2-4 commands a second)
h. Constantly executing PVP Offenses. (Review Section 3 on PVP offenses)
i. Bypassing Temporary Bans more than three times. (/gadmin list can keep them off, look for four letters or numbers (e.g. KM_Galahad – f08d) then do /gadmin ban <hash (i.e. f08d)> if any hashes say “dead”, just do a normal GTFO.)
j. *Disrespecting Administrators and Staff.
k. Comments that may be offensive to any player in any way, shape, or form. (Sexism, Nazism, Racism, Discrimination of Sexual or Religious Orientations/Affiliations)
l. Self-harm or suicide threats. For admins, if you don’t believe the threat is serious and that’s normally the case, (e.g. OP says give me admin or I’ll kill myself), immediately day ban them and done. If you really believe the threat is serious (esp. if you know the person or based on what’s said), ban after urging the player once to contact mental health hotline (e.g. tell them to contact the suicide hotline for their country – see and then you should contact the law enforcement authorities in your area and give them the IP of the person (you should have it from the ban), and they will contact the authorities where the person lives. If you can chat with them off-server, continue to urge them to contact their crisis hotline. Keep in mind if somebody is serious and you don’t know what you’re doing, trying to talk them out of it might push them to do it; let professionals handle it where possible. When I review the situation, I may contact the appropriate authorities if you haven’t done so already. If the situation happens on the forum, PM me ASAP. If the player is an Agent (not an Agent RL 3), get an Agent with the ranking level of 3 to remove the Agent ASAP, ban them and contact me. If the player is an Agent with the ranking level of 3, contact me ASAP. The bottom-line is you must stop a civilian from continuing to talk about self-harm on the server as AN is not a hospital or mental health clinic; refer them as mentioned and end the conversation quickly by banning. In most cases, such talk about self-harm is designed to troll and it won’t be tolerated (possible perm ban) but for those that might be serious, referring them to somebody that is qualified to help them is pretty much the only solution we have.
m. World Edits greater than 100000 blocks without obtaining notice / permission or spamming small world edits that clearly have no building purpose or are purely for trolling. If the server crashes as a result, the offense would normally fall under Section 1 (permanent ban).

Section 3: Offenses that will usually result in a temporary ban for at least five minutes due to one or more of the following:

a. Advertising more than once per hour. (2 hour tempban, do not smite, mute, or block commands. It is in this section for a reason, titled Temporary Bans.[Execute this like listed: /tempban <playername> 2h Advertising more than once per hour])
b. Excessive PVP Offenses (Creative, God Mode, Unwanted, Spawnkilling. If any combinations, do a TempBan for at least 10 minutes or more depending on how many offenses are committed by a player.
c. Being smited at least twice for an infraction executed.
d. Minor Grief. (1-5 blocks destroyed on another player’s structure.)
e. Excessively nicking other players.
f. Spamming potions.
g. Breaking more than one offense simultaneously.
h. *Disrespect towards Administration and Operators
i. Using FastBow. (Lags the server.)
j. Using Potions to grief another player’s build. (Also falls under Section 2.)
k. Ghost Trains. (Spawning trains without drivers. Lags the server.)

Section 4: Offenses that will usually result in a player being smitten due to one or more of the following:

a. PVP Offenses (Review Section 3 for PVP Offenses)
b. Teleporting other players. (Sending them to another location via /tppos, /tpohere, /tpo, and /spawn.)
c. *Teleporting to Administrators without permission.
d. Using any speeds over 5. (Any speeds over can potentially lag or crash the server.)
e. Nicking other players. (Harmless or offensive, there is no difference.)
f. Spamming commands (More than 4 commands, one after the other)
g. Attempting to splash potions on another player. (Death/Troll Potions, review Section 2.)
h. Using Hacks that may be annoying to some players. (Speed Hacks (Falls under 4d.), KillAura, BowAimbot)
i. Being a nuisance whilst Administrators are trying to Administrate.
j. Using any other language besides English in Chat. (Other languages may be spoken with others via Private Messages (/msg) or on anything that is not affiliated with the Server.
k. Using nicknames or tags that imply you have an official staff rank on the server. (Tags such as: Moderator/Mod, Ag3nt, Owner, CEO, etc.)
l. Clearing the Inventory of other players.
m. Invading player’s privacy. (Players that Teleport to them even though they’ve asked to be left to their own privacy.)
n. Pasting buildings designed to troll. (E.g. Nazi symbols, suggestive builds, etc.)
o. Changing WorldEdit limit without permission.

*Depends on the Administrator.