The EXPLODINGFreedom All-OP dynamic map is essentially Google Earth for minecraft. It enables you to view worlds in an overhead view or through a bird’s eye view to allow you to see what you’ve made or the entire map. You can also use this tool to see where the Subway lines go so you know where the nearest stop is. You also can view and chat through this using the player-chat feature which makes it a great tool for chatting with other players! To get a dynamic map account:

1. Join the server.
2. Run the command /dynmap webregister ingame.
3. Take note of the registration code that is shown after running the command.
4. Open up the dynmap page and enter your username, a password and the registration code. (MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD!)
5. Click Register and you’re done!

For a full-size map, go to