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As of March 3rd, 2018, the EFCC Transit Company has announced that around 30 subway stations found on various lines, mainly the IND 8th Avenue Line which the A, C, and E trains run on, individual stations will be closed and repairs and rehabilitation will be made to bring them up to latest standards. Stations will remain open and stations where works are being undertaken, the fare will be free at stations that are under construction due to repairs. Normal $1 fare at these stations will resume once work is complete at each individual stop. Delays may be present during periods of construction as well. We apologize for any delays this may cause.

Fix and Fortify.

Stations will be closed for a few weeks at a time and major construction will occur during off-peak hours to maintain decent service.
Enhanced features include:

  • Token/Ticket Booths at all overhauled stations. This addition enables all stations to be fully staffed and has at least one transit official available to help riders with their questions.
  • Larger mezzanines. This eases the flow of crowds during peak hours and gives stations a more airy feeling, not small tunnels, and caverns.
  • Enhanced lighting. This enables platforms and mezzanines to be fully illuminated and bright and cheery. Gone are the days of dark and gloomy stations.
  • Enhanced and additional signage. More and easier to read signage helps riders find the right train and navigate large and complex stations easier. Simpler signage also helps tourists and residents who do not fully grasp the English language as well.
Minimalized Delays

By focusing most work during off-peak periods, trains can be run with better service and to minimalize delays of trains during the times of heavy ridership, making commutes more bearable while renovations take place.

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